System 10 – PLAN OPTIONS

System 10 Private Early Morning Full Exercise Session
Tues & Thurs 6.45am-745am.

This is the most amazing weight loss course you will find.  You do your System 10 plan in a private, fun, fully supervised, highly motivational early morning session with the same group of people working towards the same goal but all on their individual programmes. Private weekly weigh-in included.  Our amazing Super Abs plan is also included.

This session will fire up your motivation for the week and means that you will have just 2 walks (or jogs) to do on your own! It is also means that you will have the opportunity to learn exactly how to exercise properly and especially tone properly for amazing weight loss.  Numbers are strictly limited as most people stay in this session even when they are finished their weight loss because they love it so much!

6 week Course €314       10 week Course €449



System 10 Weight Loss Plans…..
for home or gym

This is the full System 10 plan but you choose to work from home (walking, jogging or cycling) or do a takeaway gym plan.  So you can be out walking, training at your local gym or at home pedalling away on your bike watching TV and confident that you are doing a highly professional and precise weight loss plan that give step by step instructions and delivers great results. Privately weekly weigh-in included offering superb motivation and support.

3 week Plan €129                               6 week plan €249                               10 week plan €349



Super Health Plan

This plan is for those who are not concerned about weight loss but want to naturally improve health problems including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, constipation, type 2 diabetes, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue etc. Includes advanced metabolism correction and all the other features of the System 10 but is balanced for health improvement rather than for weight loss.  This plan clearly shows how correcting your metabolism can greatly improve all health problems and often help get rid of them altogether.

6 week plan €249



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