Success Stories

A short note to advise my total satisfaction with the System 10 experience and Journey.

Firstly some context. I am a young early forties Mother who has been working out and attempting the occasional diet to try and get to the a weight reduction conclusion. To be honest if anything I ended up with more weight that when I started. This is if I am being truly honest with myself over a period of possibly 10 Years.

I started to search the web and came across System 10, 1 because it had the right message and 2 because it happened to be close to us in Malahide.

From the day I spoke with Aidan and over the next 6 weeks, my outlook on exercise and diet has changed. It has been a tough journey over the last six weeks, but I have lost 16 LBS seven inches and I am still losing weight my focus has been dedicated and concentrated on the right areas as an outcome from my initial discussion with Aidan before we embarked on the 6 week programme. I would highly recommend Aidan to anyone who has been struggling with weight loss, Aidan’s dedication and constant motivation ensures weekly weight loss.

Aidan’s advise on the following was imperative

1. Back to my ideal weight
2. Exercise programmes that are specifically focussed on areas of my body that need most work
3. Better understanding of food consumption and portions
4. A knowledge going forward of what I need to do to maintain my current weight and exercise position

In addition to the above my Husband has also lost 12 LBS and is almost at his ideal body weight. He has 5 LBS to go ?

Thanks a million Aidan.

Carol Byrne

“There isn’t a Bride to be that doesn’t want to tone up and loose a few pounds before their big day. I looked at a number of options and decided to try the system10 eating plan and fitness programme with Aidan in Just Classes Malahide.

At first I thought this would be easy peesy, but yes you actually have to give this 100% commitment in order to achieve great results. I followed Aidan’s food plan and attended a personalised fitness regime that I attended every Tuesday and Thursdays morning at 6.45am for 12 weeks. I could see my body changing every week, my energy levels were increasing everyday it was brilliant. It got to a point where I wanted to do another morning a week!!! Aidan was a brilliant coach and mentor and gave me the ambition and motivation to achieve the results I wanted. I felt very confident that his hard work and dedication was going to give me great results.

After the 12 weeks I lost inches, when I finally went for my dress fitting I achieved the results I wanted, I felt good and now I was excited to walk up the aisle and marry my childhood sweetheart. I lost over 6 pounds in weight and a dress size smaller it was fantastic.

I would highly recommend Aidan in just classes for any Bride to be….Thanks Aidan and best of luck to all those future Mrs to be out there :)”

 Yvonne Bookey

yvonne bookey wedding

“I  recently completed the ten week course on System 10 with Aidan in Malahide. Planning my meals was a small part of my success along with my daily exercise routine but a lot of it was down to  Aidan.
He  was motivational,interested in how my week went,gave me exercise’s to suit my level of fitness, (and made sure I was doing them correctly).

You can see straight away from meeting Aidan that he is passionate about what he does and I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in joining System 10.
I have lost 17 pound on the 10 week coarse and thanks to Aidan this is now a new way of life for me! ”
Barbara Farrell
Dublin 13.

“I recently completed 6 week systems 10 program with Aidan in Malahide. I am very active in sport but didn’t feel I was getting the best performances out of myself on match days. I presented with Aidan weighing 83.5kg, after 6 weeks training and advice from Aidan I finished up weighing in at 77.8Kg, a total loss of nearly 13pounds.

I felt more energetic in my sports performances but also in my daily life. I couldn’t recommend system 10 and Aidan Mahon high enough. A quick chat with Aidan, will set yourself new goals to enhance any sporting performances and help you lead a healthier and more energetic lifestyle. Also got some very useful tips about improving flexibility.

Overall, a well worth while experience,
Keep up the good work Aidan”
Keith Halley

“I wasn’t overly over weight but more frustrated with having no time to train. Having had my daughter over a year ago and working full time, there just never seemed to be enough time to do anything, never mind exercise.

Joining gyms had never worked for me in the past so I thought System 10 would be for me. I liked the early morning option routines, the diet plan and the link to the metabolism. What I wanted was a routine that would teach me how to fit a workout in as a part of my everyday routine. When I spoke to Aidan he seemed friendly and genuine and assured me that he could help me to achieve my goals.

I did a six week course with Aidan and found it very successful. He was very supportive and obliging, particularly with early morning sessions and making routines that would work for my lifestyle. At the end of the six weeks I achieved all I set out to do. Since training with Aidan I now find time to do three short workouts a week and I’ve kept to the good diet. I feel more energised and better about myself as a result.”

Karen Fynes

I started the 6 week programme in March 2013 weighting 77.2kg (12st 2lbs). My hope was to reach 70 kg (11 st) and following that to reach 10 1/2 st. With the help of Aidan and following the program. I have been very successful. Today I’m 11st. 70.2kg. The program was easy to follow and even when I go out for a meal I can follow the diet and enjoy myself. Aidan got me back into walking approximately 50 mins a day and more. This encouragement and the continuous walking has made all the difference. I will continue to follow this program and hopefully in another few weeks be done 67 kg. Clothes that haven’t fitted me for two years fit me now.

Catherine Bermingham

“I turned to System 10 to lose seven pounds that I couldn’t manage to lose by myself, even though I was running three times a week and eating healthily (or so I thought!)

The best thing about System10 was the prescribed exercise and eating plan which was tailored to match my weight loss requirements and metabolism.  The plan was very clear and I knew exactly what exercise I needed to complete each week (running and weights) and what I could eat.

Aidan was always at hand to give advice on exercise and diet and to make sure that I was on track to meet my weight loss target.  Having someone to talk to and adjust the plan where necessary was key to my weight loss.

I think that with the right mind set and the right System10 consultant, it is easy to reach your target weight.  I am delighted with the results that I achieved, not only losing the weight that I wanted but also changing my body shape, dropping a dress size and feeling fit!

I recently finished an 8 mile off road race in 67 minutes – an achievement I couldn’t have imagined this time last year. I would highly recommend System10 and Aidan to anyone trying to lose weight, tone up and feel great!

Thanks Aidan for all your support and advice.”

“Having spent 9 months trying to shift my baby weight, I had gotten to a point where I felt I really needed to reassess my diet and fitness regime. I signed up for the 6 week system 10 course with Aidan. The weekly menus were very clear and only required a little bit of organisation.
I chose to do 2 classes a week with Aidan and 5 walks a week. It is time consuming, but do-able for 6 weeks. Aidan was very helpful and supportive, no question was too stupid! I found it very easy to keep motivated throughout.
I lost 15 pounds in the six weeks and have managed to loose another 4 since by sticking to the principles of the plan – though admittedly a lot less rigidly! I would strongly recommend System 10 to anyone feeling that they need more focus in their weight loss plan.”

“Love the flexibility, Not tied into a yearly payment or a set course.”

“Aidan always corrects technique and it’s like having a personal trainer.”

“The studio is airy, bright and lots of space.”

“I like the pay as you go format. It eases the pressure if you need to miss one.”

“Very encouraging and keeps me motivated.”

“Friendly approach and I just pay for the class at which i’m on.”

“I love that you don’t have to be a member of a gym to attend the classes and also that you don’t have to sign up to a 10 week course etc. As I have young children, sometimes things can crop up at the last minute which prevent me from attending the class so having flexibility in not necessarily missing out on a classes in the term is great. I would imagine this is the way other mums feel too!!”

“There is nothing I would suggest could improve Just Classes!”